We consult, advise, and design tailored programs focused on action, results and social development in Africa for our clients. We have helped corporations, startups and governments to foster innovation, reputation or strengthen their local economy, by attracting foreign investment, jobs and other support. Our deeply-rooted knowledge of the world’s innovation ecosystems – their cultures, challenges and trends − and our close relationships with the corporate, political and civic leaders of various countries, make us partners for clients looking to make a sustainable change through innovation.

Corporate Innovation

Company Building Our team has the network and competencies to build ventures on demand.

Incubators and Accelerators We plan and set up innovation facilities for you.

Investment Services

Pipeline Services & Deal Sourcing
We source investment opportunities across all African countries and industries.

Fundraising Thanks to our global network of investors, we assist selected clients with fundraising globally.

Marketing Communications and Events

Integrated PR campaigns and Influencer Marketing We help you to ensure that your messages comes across correctly and reach the right target groups.

Innovation challenges & Pan African competitions We assist you in designing and running competitions for innovation.

Community and movement Building We drive change through community activation and campaigning with a strong focus on digital.

Services provided with our partners

Market Research and intelligence We provide market research and market intelligence solutions, leveraging our local presence and expertise, enabling you to make better strategic decisions.